Adorable and Affordable ​​
Pants that Fit 



Jeans that Fit
   I'm pulling the adjustible 
waistband, but now the hips ​​are
What do I do?
Do you struggle to fit both your child's waist AND length? 
know how to
I just cut off
6 inches
from the
pant legs!
      How about    dirty, frayed
pant legs 
dragging on the ground?
But, hey, I got the ​​
waist to fit!
      Is rolling up ​​
the pant legs
in style?
           waist fits,
           but I don't
       think the crotch
     is supposed to be                 down there!
 son only   wants to 
wear  sweatpants!
Adorable and Affordable Pants that Fit!
Here at Drake’s Dresser, we provide jeans for toddlers that are stylish and that fit all toddlers.  We have 16 different sizes between approximately 2T to 5T sizes. 

We believe all toddlers are unique, no matter what their age.  We size our pants based on waist and inseam measurements, not their age.  Our pants are stylish, but not showy, either plain to match everything or soon we will have patches for an added stylish effect. 

We fit toddlers that are thin and tall to heavy and short and everyone in between.  If you know their measurements, you can go online or to a store and find a perfect-fitting pair of pants without even trying them on!
The answer for your frustration

These jeans or pants are the answer for all parents with children who are not the ideal height and weight, which includes I would say half the population.  That adjustable strap in the waistband has been a very popular addition since its inception, which almost all brands have now adopted to account for this fact.  However it doesn’t take into account the large children who have to get a size bigger and then roll the pants up or the thin children who buy the pants to fit the length and then adjust the strap so much the rest of the pants are then still large and sticking out.

However, our jeans are not just for those unfortunate enough to have a few hairs pulled out of our heads trying to fit our child.  As it says, we try to fit all sizes as close as possible.

There are, I suppose, going to be those out of the ordinary as far as height and weight proportions.  So I shouldn't say we fit all.

Stylish yet Simple
Adjustable Waistband with Custom Stitching and Fading
Drake's Dresser Patch
Leg Stitching
Even though the pants are meant to fit the waist and length, we still have that adjustable strap to ensure a propper fit.  We also have custom stitching and whitewash to make the jeans stand out.
All of our jeans will have the identifying DD on the pocket.  Some may be in a different location or style, but they will all have it, big or small.
We also have special stitching on the bottom leg of our pants.  In this way Drake's Dresser jeans can be noticed even with a long shirt.  Just a little added something special for your precious child..